Use Firefox? Try this super fast trick and you’ll never browse the same

February 16, 2009 by Jared Goralnick

I Heart Firefox How about starting Monday with a quick trick that’ll make your browsing so much faster?

The next time you need to re-visit a webpage, you’ll always want to use this approach.

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked technology here, but the last dozen or so times I’ve sat down with friends they’ve all liked this little trick.  In Firefox 3′s address bar you can type any words in a page title you’ve visited, and all the pages containing those words/letters will quickly appear.  It’s much faster than browsing your Bookmarks or Googling a site you’ve already visited.

Here’s an 89 second video explanation:


To reiterate what was said in the video, if I type “fa al” it will bring up the Facebook page for my friend Alexis.  (You could have typed “face alex” if that’s easier to remember.)  If I type, “tw ch” then all my friends on Twitter with the first name Chris will come up.  (You could have typed “twit chris” if that’s easier remember.)  Mind you, this only pages I’ve visited before, but that’s a huge percentage of my time online. 

Some other things I use this for:

  • “wea col” – College Park Weather
  • “dir” – Twitter’s Direct Messages
  • “inbox” – brings up all of my inboxes
  • “face photow” – brings up the Facebook Event for a photowalk that’s coming up

Try this out for a few hours…and you’ll never go back.  Happy browsing!

Flickr Photo Credit: laihiu

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  1. masontech (Andrew Mason)

    @chrisgarret – Your Twitter Account is in this video :) –

  2. OurielOhayon (Ouriel Ohayon)

    Checking out this site:

  3. TheGirlPie (GirlPie)

    @Technotheory That FireFox trick you posted/videoed is GREAT, thanks so much~ ! (Glad I saw it in your NL, missed it B4)~


  1. Jeffrey

    Totally cool feature. It’s called “the awesome bar” and it is awesome.

  2. Massey

    If you like that about Firefox, I suggest you try Chrome. I am big fan of the 9 most visited pages homepage, as well as the super fast searching.

  3. @TheGirlPie

    Great tip, perfect explanation, short & sweet video — just excellent value all ’round. (Funny, I see you in my twitter in a different cropping and didn’t recognize you with your teeth!)

    Many thanks, this is exactly what I love about your output — always useful. (Glad it came in via your swell newsletter, had missed it otherwise. Nice thinking!)

  4. Lemur

    I’ve been using this trick for awhile now. As far as Chrome it doesn’t have near the power Firefox does in terms of extensions.

    As far as some interesting plugins to try to tweak firefox further look into some of these:

    Adblock Plus

    The latter two block ads and ad images, one blocking nasty scripts that could contain something malicious.

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