ROI of Social Media Event

February 12, 2008 by Jared Goralnick

This morning I spoke at a Meet the Members event for the Greater Baltimore Technology Council on the ROI of Social Media. It was great to see so many Baltimore & DC friends looking to get involved! Below you’ll find slides from the speakers that used slides, links to their websites, a video of my talk, and some places to go to get more involved in social media.

Greg Cangialosi of Blue Sky Factory:

Catherine Pancake of Web Ad.vantage:

Jared Goralnick (me) of SET Consulting / AwayFind:

A video of my presentation:

(Thank you to David Troy for filming. He deserved to be presenting today as he’s as involved in social media as anyone else in the community, and has created products like Twittervision and Flickrvision).

Brian Ocheltree of PartnerPoint:

Note: Alice Marshall of Presto Vivace also presented. While she didn’t provide slides, notes from her presentation can be found on her blog here.

As I mentioned I would provide these, here are a few links that I’d highly recommend to people just getting started:

If you have any thoughts on the event or advice for others in a similar situation, feel free to share in the comments!

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  1. Sam

    Great collection! Social media has a ton of market power that many people just dont understand. Thank you for the post!

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