9pm EDT, I’m live on the Par-tay. Send your tough questions…and let’s rock

July 9, 2008 by Jared Goralnick

Tonight I’ll be interviewed by Jonny Goldstein on Jonny’s Par-tay.  He’ll have some questions but half the fun is where you take the show in the live chatroom.  If you can’t be there tonight at 9pm EDT, just leave a question in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer on the show, which will be recorded and posted here.

Watch it live here!

What do you want to know…

  • How do I find time for all these tools and still do things that aren’t in front of a computer?
  • How’d I get into this “productivity business”?
  • Where do I make money?
  • What TV show am I obsessed with?

Ask away in the comments or bring your questions tonight…

A huge thank you to Jonny Goldstein for inviting me and Scott Stead for filming (doing the real work). They’re both awesome people that we in the DC area are so lucky to have around.

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4 Responses to “9pm EDT, I’m live on the Par-tay. Send your tough questions…and let’s rock”


  1. Jonny Goldstein

    Hey Jared,

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your approach to navigating all the stuff that can get in the way of doing what’s important.

    This is gonna be awesome.

    On the favorite TV show…TV?????

  2. Duff

    Here’s a quick brainstorm. :)

    When you do productivity consulting, what do you find are the biggest productivity blocks most individuals and companies have? What are the solutions to these blocks?

    What is your opinion on the “inbox 0″ meme from Merlin Mann and Mark Hurst? How often should one clear their email inbox to 0? Does AwayFind eliminate the need to do so?

    How does one balance efficiency and effectiveness in work and life? Does a focus on productivity move people towards thinking about increasing efficiency with the result of often neglecting effectiveness, or even choosing appropriate ends to work towards?

    Why does work and business have a tendency to focus on ever more quick and efficient ways to get things done and tend to lack a focus on what’s important to be doing?

    What are some unusual and interesting ways people are designing different lifestyles that meet their self-actualization needs instead of simply being a slave to the 9-5?

    How do we balance doing and being in an ever-increasing sea of information that is accelerating exponentially?

  3. Jared Goralnick

    Can’t wait, Jonny!

    Wow, Duff. See, that’s why YOU are the one who’s used to interviewing us productivity types (everyone should check out his AWESOME podcast focused on self development and productivity. If I could answer all those questions satisfactorily then I’d have a book, too…

    But I’ll do my best. Thanks for sharing and hope to see you on there tonight!

  4. Stan


    Looking forward to catching you online!

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