Before Project Mojave, a Clay Collins interview: market selection & moving on

May 11, 2009 by Jared Goralnick

Clay Collins, photo by me I interviewed Clay  in February.  He talked about why he moved on from a success that didn’t fit him, and his approach toward his next (now pretty big) endeavor.

In the interview below you can skip right to the best snippets about balance, education, and social media.

Clay Collins now writes at Finance Your Freedom.  When we first met, his old blog was taking off…but he decided to throw the brakes on it, because it wasn’t what he wanted…it wasn’t who he was.

Clay has guts and focus: he knows how to change directions, and he knows the value of total immersion for the purpose of both understanding a market and building relationships there.  He now helps people to choose their own markets online…and to go after them systematically.

I spent a weekend in February visiting him in Madison getting to know someone who’s been fairly influential on my perspective.  In the video below you can ignore my blathering (or not) and skip right to the comments I’ve highlighted at…

  • 4:23: Clay talking about leadership and market selection.
  • 6:51: Clay talking total immersion in one market, in education, and what you truly believe in.

It’s hard to know from his blog quite what he’s been up to, but essentially he very quickly sold out an educational program on building online businesses.  But rumor has it there will be another launch coming soon.  In the mean time, check out his business idea litmus test.

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3 Responses to “Before Project Mojave, a Clay Collins interview: market selection & moving on”


  1. Carl Nelson

    I got to meet Clay the other day (briefly) and even for that brief time he’s a man on a mission and he’s good at it.

    Thanks for posting this great interview with him.

  2. Clay

    Thanks so much for posting this interview. IT was LOTS of fun, Jared.


  3. Bobby

    Wow, good for you, Clay. I like the confident decision making. Thanks for sharing, Jared.

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