Today’s your best chance to become a Trust Agent online

August 17, 2009 by Jared Goralnick

Chris Brogan I haven’t had the privilege of reading Trust Agents yet.  But I do know authors Chris Brogan and Julien Smith—I know their writing, I know their reasoning, I know what they’ve given.  I respect and look up to them.

So I hope you’ll take my faith in them when I ask that you to consider their book today.  I’ve learned that today’s sales will affect the long-term impact of their book’s message, so I’m taking their advice and passing along this book recommendation today.

You know I don’t write a lot of reviews here to begin with, and I’d never recommend something I didn’t put myself behind.  But this book is about building trust online, and my recommendation—even without reading the book—is how much I trust their abilities and their recommendations.

Here’s a video about the book that summarizes many of its key points, but the book itself will likely be a warmer tone and very tactical:

If you’re interested, you can pick it up here.

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One Response to “Today’s your best chance to become a Trust Agent online”


  1. Justin Thorp

    Will pick it up as soon as it comes out for the Kindle.

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