SXSW: Let’s meet up! (and info on my panel)

March 11, 2010 by Jared Goralnick

Angela Baxley gets called out at Happy Cog's Karaoke, SXSW 2009 (my pic) SXSW is one of my favorite annual events.  But while the panels are good, it’s really about the people.

I’m moderating a session on Friday, organizing runs every day at 8, and generally have time between a bunch of things.  I want to meet you!

My Panel: All About Communications

I’m pretty excited for my panel, which which will discuss the state and future of communication technology.  We’ll talk about the challenge of creating workflows that are more productive…when it may take a bit of learning before the new tool becomes practical (example: Google Wave).  We’ll explore where things are headed and offer suggestions for facilitating and designing more effective communications.  (It’s more interesting than that sounds, promise.)

I’ll be joined by Jay Cuthrell of Cuthrell Consulting, Daniel Raffel of Yahoo!, and Casey Whitelaw of Google (Wave).  If the panel is anything like our discussions have been, it’ll be quite entertaining.

The panel is Friday at 5pm in Ballroom C.  More information on the panel, “Wave and Communication’s (R)evolution: Better Than Being There?”…


Conferences are rarely healthy experiences.  SXSW is particularly bad—late nights, a fair bit of alcohol, and a carnivorous cuisine.  So the running group should help to counter that.

We meet at 8am Saturday-Tuesday and get to know each other the way humans should—chewing the fat at high speed on the trails.

You can sign up for updates about the running here.

Meeting Up

That stuff above is probably a little more about roping you into my stuff.  But I want to see you!  The best way to reach me is to shoot me an email (jared AT technotheory) with a few times you’re around.  If you’re trying to catch me with something last minute, send me a text through AwayFind:  We’ll find at least a few minutes!

And a Little Bit of SXSW Advice

Last year I wrote a lot about how to navigate SXSW.  This year I took that to an extreme and planned a zillion things for Austin—it’s going to be so much better for it.  If you’re looking for some tips, here they are…

Hope to see you in Austin.  Be good.

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  1. Mikhael

    Ugh !, i may not be able to land in that place. However will look forward for updates here on your blog about the conference. Do get some videos for us :)

  2. would you rather

    Can’t wait for SXSW this year!

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