Details that Matter

March 4, 2011 by Jared Goralnick

Wine Glass (by BlakJakDavy on Flickr)Glass of wine.  Outdoor run.  Natural light.

Tempranillo in an artisan glass.  10 mile jog on the Pacific.  Floor-to-ceiling windows facing west.

Details, general and specific.  Some matter to me.  Out there is a set of details that matters to you even more than you know.

I often talk of critical paths, productivity and vision.  Sometimes it’s the context—the details–rather than the content that makes all the difference. 

But unlike the content, which is there or it isn’t, you don’t always know if you got the context right.  Context takes experience, experiments, and a willingness to look around.  We discover the details that matter to us as we get older, as we seek them out, rinse, and repeat.

There are details in routine, diet, office space, interactions, everywhere.  Find the right context and the content will flow.  Find the right context and find yourself.

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