December 26, 2012 by Jared Goralnick

over-a-cliff-riskyHave a safe holidays!  I have trouble with that thought.  Of the adjectives that could describe the things I’m proud of, "safety" couldn’t be further from them.

The safe path is never to take chances, and my only regrets are from chances I didn’t take.

Don’t get me wrong, taking dangerous risks is not a winning formula.  But doing something uncomfortable or unorthodox that just might turn into something big, well now we’re talking.

I’m not a parent.  But I hope when I have kids that safety is not my first concern.  I want them to experience life, to take risks, and to make mistakes early.  I want them to know that opportunity is out there, but it doesn’t come easy.  Fortunately few risks are life-and-death.

From my work to health to how I treat people, I have my lines.  Driving fast? Ok.  Drugs? Not ok.  Risking my savings on my business? Ok.  Taking a 10 mile hike without water or a map?  Not ok.  Sharing a ride with someone I met 30 minutes ago? Most likely.

We all have brains in our head, and we need to take calculated risks.  I enjoy driving on mountain roads, putting everything into my company (while I’m young and single) and prefer to be trusting of new people.

What’s important is knowing ourselves, making careful decisions, and maintaining a thread of optimism.  I say optimize for living, not for safety.

Know your limits.  Be comfortable on the edge.  And have a fucking awesome holidays.

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