Proud to announce a new website for SET Consulting!

January 15, 2008 by Jared Goralnick

After many months of effort, I’m happy to say that my company, SET Consulting, has released a completely redesigned website with mostly new content: Some new stuff: our team, examples of our work, and filtering our tips based on a particular product (like Word, for instance).

While we regularly work with talented web designers and developers, this was a completely home-brewed effort. No, we’re not planning to offer web design or development as a service to our clients…but we have realized two things:

  • (When you have the talent,) a “do-it-yourself” effort for something so important to the company feels incredibly rewarding
  • Occasional challenges with coding are worth overcoming when both our work on AwayFind and Office projects often have web components

Deep thank yous go especially to Keith (the design), David (the code), and Kate (the tireless proofreading — here’s her blog) for bringing this to fruition. And, of course, thank you to the wonderful clients who allowed us to create case studies for our portfolio:

Soon I’ll return to the regular scheduled productivity tips…but I wanted to share something that’s been so important to me and my team. We hope you enjoy the design and information…and thanks for reading this announcement : ).

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3 Responses to “Proud to announce a new website for SET Consulting!”


  1. Nathan Ketsdever

    It looks great! Loving the new look of the blog too.

  2. Don Grauel

    Kudos! Not for the site (if you know SET Consulting, you expect nothing less than a beautiful and efficient site), but for the unique ability to cater to the tech-savvy and the tech-challenged with equal competence. Add to that the marketing prowess – a must whenever you address the world at large if you ask me – and you have done something pretty special here.

  3. Jared Goralnick

    Thanks, Nathan/Don! Nathan, we’ll be redesigning the blog in the next few months–but I’m glad you noticed some of the subtle changes :-).

    Your support is much appreciated!

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