The 12 mobile sites that I use, from practical to fun…and then a bunch of others

January 31, 2008 by Jared Goralnick

It took me a long time to get useful and readable sites on my mobile phone. To save you the trouble, here’s what I use and why. I’ve organized them in order from practical to fun, and then at the bottom I’ve listed some other helpful sites that I haven’t experimented with as much…

  1. Google – – does this really need an explanation?
  2. Metro [Your stop] – – This is the only DC specific one on the list, but knowing how many minutes until the next train is immensely helpful for planning when I leave. The other day it was 12 degrees out and it saved us from standing outside for 18 minutes. It also helps me to decide whether to transfer an extra time or just walk (hooray for underground internet access!). I have separate favorite links for the stations I use most often (thanks to Justin Thorp for this, though it works just fine without an iPhone)
  3. Weather – – navigate to your local zip code and then store it there as a favorite
  4. Wikipedia Mobile – or – I use the latter site more, but they both are useful and do the same thing. If you’ve ever tried wikipedia’s main site on a mobile browser you’d know how horrible an experience that is
  5. Orbitz Flight Status Search – – When I’m checking on a friend’s flight status, this is immensely helpful. Since Southwest isn’t listed there, however, I just go to Google and type “Southwest 1234″ where 1234 is the flight number
  6. Yelp Mobile – -When I need a restaurant review at the last second, this is the place to go
  7. Amazon Mobile – – I mostly use this to look things up, either descriptions or comparative prices. If you use Amazon’s Wish List or One Click this could be very helpful for those. You can even see shipping status!
  8. Netflix Mobile – – I use this both to look at my queue whenever I’m at the video store (so I can rent something I’ve wanted to see)…and whenever someone suggests a movie (to add it to my queue)
  9. Washington Post (or NY Times) – (or while I personally use the Post, both of these are easy to read on the go
  10. Twitter and Facebook – and – I’ve listed these together since they’re both all about being social. The thing I like most about Facebook Mobile is it has a great way of listing out all the recent status updates that aren’t as easily available on the web version
  11. Kayak – – the best internet flight search engine is now mobile
  12. Flickr – – It’s great to bring up photos when they come up in conversation!

Those are the sites I use, and many of my choices have to do with how I handle email, maps, and RSS, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want access to popular versions of some of those sites/services:

And some other mobile sites that might be very helpful, many of which I found via Mobile Mammoth:

Additionally, Shashi recommends Phonifier,, which is a way to view normal websites on your phone, as it adapts them to your mobile browser. And I’m very curious about as that offers the answers to mobile questions via email (as opposed to SMS’ing 466453 to Google things).

Any sites you’d recommend?

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5 Responses to “The 12 mobile sites that I use, from practical to fun…and then a bunch of others”

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  1. Justin Thorp

    Dude, I didn’t know Netflix had a mobile site… rock on!

  2. MobileFreak

    Jared – you highlighted a few I had not seen before – great stuff! And it’s good to hear you found some of these at

    One comment – for mobile Digg, i suggest you check out For one, dgm8 takes you to a mobile-friendly version of the digg story, unlike diggriver. dgm8 also lets you send a story to a friend via SMS or email. last time I checked, diggriver doesn’t.

    Again, great info Jared.

  3. Ron Turner

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    We just completed the mobile version of our site, Users going there on their mobile phone will be automatically redirected to Our site is a directory of customer service phone numbers from over 500 leading companies. We include steps for reaching a human, hours of operation, etc.

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