The best thing I’ve ever written—The Guide to NOT Checking Email. Until Friday, it’s yours.

November 20, 2008 by Jared Goralnick

The Guide to NOT Checking EmailA few days ago I announced AwayFind.  That was the technology.  But that’s less than half the story to killing email interruptions.

The rest: an immediately practical, very readable, and quite beautiful 26-page guide that may not be available in 48 hours…

As I was working with beta testers of AwayFind, it became apparent to me that removing email interruptions and emptying our inboxes was not a technology problem.  It was one of education.  If you haven’t fully digested Getting Things Done or other time & email management systems, then it might be a challenge to really put AwayFind into practice.

Thus I wrote a guide to complement AwayFind’s technology…but the truth is that there are few mentions of AwayFind.  It’s an accessible summary of mine and many smarter people’s recommendations around email.  If you like what I write about here, this is the juiciest stuff, with pretty diagrams, too :-).

Sample from eBook

The catch?  It won’t be free after tomorrow (it may come back again, but not sure in what form…).  It’s downloadable as part of the Basic AwayFind setup process (the last step).  So if you want it, now’s your chance—just sign up for AwayFind here.

Sign up for AwayFind

Along with getting the guide for free, the 30% discounts for being an early-adopter also end tomorrow.  So if you were considering the Professional version of AwayFind, now’s a good time to try it—after all, you won’t get charged for 30-days and can cancel anytime, so there’s nothing to lose.

I’m sorry for making what’s quite clearly a pitch here…but I feel like I’d be doing a disservice to you if I didn’t share this guide.  I’ve never been so proud of something I’ve written…and I want you to have a chance to benefit from it.  However, I don’t feel comfortable leaving it up for free indefinitely since I’ve put so much work into it.

Thanks for reading and I hope the guide helps.  You can grab it on the fifth step of the wizard here.

In the next post I promise to rant about something completely unrelated :-)!

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7 Responses to “The best thing I’ve ever written—The Guide to NOT Checking Email. Until Friday, it’s yours.”

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  1. Brick Andrews

    Jared, thanks for the ebook. AwayFind is a great idea, and your implementation is quite nice. Have you considered an affiliate program for those of us who might like to promote the service on their own site (for the record, I would promote this service anyway, regardless of any affiliate style incentive – it’s really that good – but hey, why not ask!)?

  2. Jared Goralnick

    Thanks for your support, Brick, and for the kind review on your blog, as well! Not sure yet about an affiliate program, but if we create one I’ll definitely be in touch :-).

    I hope you enjoy the eBook!

  3. Mark

    Jared, I signed up for AwayFind last week, but don’t remember getting the opportunity to download the free e-book. How can I get it? Thanks.

  4. Jared Goralnick

    Hi Mark,

    Just download it here (you’ll have to login):


  5. James


    Awayfind does not work for the UK, is there anyway of getting it to be a premimum charge back message?


  6. Jared Goralnick

    AwayFind works great in the UK on the Professional plan, and I used a UK phone most of the summer with it :-). The list of providers is here:

    I’ll email you to follow up.

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