Scobleizer TV, Blue Sky Factory TV, and other AwayFind News

April 27, 2009 by Jared Goralnick

AwayFind business card I’m overdue for a post about AwayFind, but rather than type it out, here are some updates via Thursday’s interview from Robert Scoble and the week before’s with Greg Cangialosi.

Below I’ve indicated the timestamps for when AwayFind, email productivity, and Bootstrap Maryland are discussed…so you can dive right in.  After the videos are also some recent links, like being in Gartner’s 2009 Cool Vendor Report : ).

Robert Scoble Interview on Scobleizer TV

  • 00:30: Continuous Partial Interruptions
  • 1:31: Difference between AwayFind and the Vaynerchuk/Ferriss approach
  • 5:30: What I’m working on for the future—understanding different channels
  • 6:55: What sucks about Twitter and lack of chat, being used for support, etc
  • 11:17 Bootstrap Maryland discussion

Note: After this interview, I was also on air for a longer discussion with Robert Scoble and Dave McClure.  It was an excellent discussion of the state of the venture market (mostly just Dave sharing, because Dave knows it better than anyone).  Robert’s blog post and video are here.

Greg Cangialosi Interview on Blue Sky Factory TV

  • 11:30 My interview starts
  • 16:20 How to better manage when we check email
  • 21:00 I explain how I go through my day
  • 30:45 Bootstrap Maryland discussion
  • 48:15 My interview ends (stay on for email marketing tips)

AwayFind Around Town

Thank you to Robert, Greg, and the other folks who were kind enough to speak with me and review AwayFind.

We’ll soon be back with our regularly scheduled programming, like an upcoming post on “Action Tweeting” : ).  Cheers!

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